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Nylon material

Nylon, the name commonly used for polyamide (PA), is viewed by the market as a technical plastic.

The term technical plastic refers to plastic materials that are perfectly suited to a particular application thanks to their characteristics. Certain technical plastics have been chemically modified in order to achieve the desired characteristics, so that the product is not only suitable for its specific application but is also simple to process. An excellent example of technical plastic is Nylon, or polyamide (PA)

Polyamide material

A huge number of different types of polyamide (PA), or Nylon is available on the market. The most important types used in bearing technology are PA6 and PA6G. PA6 and PA6G are European types; very sturdy and suitable for a wide range of applications in bearings and sheaves, subject to dynamic and static load. However, PA can also be used in less complex conditions such as buffer strips and guide strips. PA6(G) is also available with a wide range of additional lubricants, including oil, to further improve the characteristics of the base material for example for use as a nylon sliding bearing of nylon sliding plate.

The downside to its elastic characteristics is that Nylon is not entirely dimensionally stable; nylon also absorbs a large volume of water. In applications with tight tolerances, a wide of range of excellently operating alternatives such as POM or Peek are available, as well as Teclite 100 composite bearing material or Teclite 300 composite bearing material. Before opting for these products, however, it is worth considering whether a composite sliding bearing is in fact not ‘overkill’.

Polyamide (PA6) characteristics :

  • Suitable for the food industry
  • Attractively priced
  • Elastic
  • Vibration damping

Applications for Nylon:

Please contact us to ensure you make the right choice of plastic material. Our staff will be happy to advise you on all the possibilities.


PA6(G) is available in the following versions  PA6(G)+GF30,  PA6(G)+MoS₂ and PA6(G)+oil.

We can produce tailor-made solutions for practically every specific application from Nylon sheet material and Nylon tube / rod material including Nylon sliding bearings or Nylon sliding plates. We also supply unmachined material for clients with their own machining facilities.

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