Huawu Industrial brake systems

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Huawu brake systems
HUAWU brake systems are used in the port (handling) industry, offshore industry, steel production, mining and railways.

Brake systems in the Metallurgical Industry
Huawu brake systems are also used in the Metallurgical industry, specifically for slowing down and braking carrier cranes and lift mechanisms. The brake systems are designed to deliver anti-corrosion, high temperature prevention and dust-proof performance.To improve stopping times and to reduce maintenance costs, brake systems can be supplied with a monitoring system. Huawu brake systems can be supplied with a range of installation packages, depending on the specific requirements of your application.

Brake systems in cranes and port handling applications
HUAWU brake systems are used in both high and low-speed shafts and for the braking of a variety of applications. The brake systems are equipped with functions such as automatic clearance and self-compensating inner linings.
Depending on the local conditions, windproof designs are also available.