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Glue gun

For the application of cold glue, a glue gun combined with a double injector can be used. The advantage of this approach is that glue and hardener are mixed immediately.

glue gun including cold glue

Additional fastenings

As well as using cold glue, it is also possible to additionally fasten break strips with rivets DIN 7338B or nuts and bolts DIN963.

To ensure that the rivets DIN 7338B or nuts and bolts are correctly fastened, a countersunk hole must first be drilled in the brake lining. This calls for the use of a special countersink drill bit.

To correctly attach the rivets, you will require a special rivet tool!

Cold glue can be used for:

  • Brake shoes
  • Brake strips
  • Friction strips
  • Brake plates
  • General brake applications