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Cold glue

Cold glue is perfect for gluing brake linings and Teclite bearings.

Cold glue is a grey paste-like epoxy glue, which offers extreme resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. This epoxy glue is also capable of filling gaps of up to 5 mm.

Our cold glue is an excellent alternative for Loctite 9492.

Suitable for gluing: Ferrous metals, aluminium, copper, zinc and zinc-galvanised products

fibre-reinforced plastics, thermoharders, ceramic materials and wood.

Characteristics of cold glue:  
Excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and water

Colour: grey

Specific weight: 1.6 g/cm³

Shear strength: 17 N/mm²Cold glue

Peel strength: 3 N/mm

Viscosity: thixotropic (suitable for filling gaps up to 5 mm)

Open time: 110 minutes

Temperature resistance: -60°C to +140°C

Minimum hardening time (at 23 °C) for initial strength of 1 N/mm² on aluminium: 5 hours

Additional fastenings:
As well as using cold glue, it is also possible to additionally fasten break strips with rivets DIN 7338B or nuts and bolts DIN963.

To ensure that the rivets DIN 7338B of nuts and bolts and bolts are correctly fastened, a countersunk hole must first be drilled in the brake lining. This calls for the use of a special countersink drill bit.

To correctly attach the rivets, you will require a special rivet tool!

Cold gluing can be used for:

  • Brake shoes
  • Brake strips
  • Friction strips
  • Brake plates
  • General brake applications

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