Self lubricating bronze bearing

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Self-lubricating bearing

Movement applications using bearings can be found in every industry: slow and fast applications, light and heavy applications, abrasive and clean applications. Every industry has its own preference for a bearing type, such as self-lubricating bronze bearings using bronze with graphite bearings.

Bronze with graphite bearings

BBS Industrie sells high-quality bronze with graphite bearings. BBS Industrie are also dealers for other types of sliding bearings including:


Whenever reference is made to bronze with graphite, it is safe to assume that bronze plugs have been embedded in the bronze bearings. These graphite plugs provide the self-lubricating properties that make this bearing an ideal solution for low-maintenance bearing applications subject to heavy loads.


  • Civil engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Offshore
  • Inland shipping