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POM bearing

Movement applications using bearings can be found in every industry: slow and fast applications, light and heavy applications, abrasive and clean applications. Every industry has its own preference for a bearing type, for example sliding bearings, and every application in turn has its preference for specific variants such as a DX – POM sliding bearing. BBS Industrie are dealers for very high quality DX – POM sliding bearings.

DX bush or du bush

DX – POM sliding bearings were developed for lubricated applications and consist of three layers: a steel mantle and a sintered bronze layer impregnated and overlaid with polyacetal (POM) bearing material. The steel mantle provides the mechanical strength while the sintered bronze layer ensures a solid bond between the steel mantle and the running layer. POM sliding bearings were developed for applications with grease lubrication and the running surface is generally provided with a pattern of lubrication indentations that serve as reservoirs for the grease.

Applications for DX – POM sliding bearings:DUbussen POM

  • Civil engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Offshore
  • Inland shipping

POM sliding bearing bushes are available in several variants, including a steel mantle or zinc-plated mantle. BBS Industrie are also dealers for other types of sliding bearings including: